Currently I’m developing Software for a leading Australian Government agency. Previously, I have worked with startups to develop real-time IoT systems, helped IT companies to support their customer journey, and have built a range of utility applications for the Australian government.

I founded Zero Equals False, an online Software development community platform (ranked top 50 via For two years, I have spent blogging and working with other startups to develop high quality content to contribute to the Software community.

I am a passionate writer and have written a debut book, with another on the way. I have reviewed industry leading books - Here’s is an article with over 27,000+ views to Medium reviewing the best programming books ever released.

I help cultivate the Software community in Australia too. I regularly attend industry group meetings to to discuss and keep up with what’s happening as the industry moves.

I hold a Bachelors degree level of education from the University of Queensland.

My Process

Full Process Design


I collaborate with stakeholders, ask meaningful questions, probe user goals, motivations, to understand context.


I ideate solutions by identifying oppurtunities to re-purpose, and leverage useful resources to explore possiblities.


I design websites from a full-stack perspective, leveraging design patterns. Designing Software which is clean.


I develop with the right tools. Experienced with Java, C#, Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript frameworks, and other tools - to always get the job done.


I perform research and optimisation to make sure my code is fast and effecient. This is an iterative process.


I redo the entire process and use new insights to further bolster the product’s user experience.


Selected Works

Zero Equals False


An online Software development community platform with over 100,000+ users from around the globe.

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